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Won't go anywhere else!

My daughter bought a 2012 Jeep Liberty, AS IS, from Sam. The next day the heat on the driver side was cold air. We took it back to Sam and without hesitation, he gave her a loaner car off the lot and took her Jeep to get checked out. They found stop leak and flushed multiple times until it ran clear, and tada, heat! This only lasted a few days and we were back to cold air on the drivers side again. Sam had this flushed again, and with another loaner from the lot. When we picked up the Jeep, to our surprise, Sam paid for the Cadillac of warranties to make us feel better, due to his mechanic thinking it may need a new heater core if it does it again. Well after a few days, no heat again. We decided to flush it at home thinking maybe there is stop leak still in there from the previous owners and a leak somewhere, hence the stop leak. We flushed it and it ran out green and gunky, we did this 4 times until it ran clear. Tada, heat again, for a few days. We finally made an appointment at Lochmondy to use the warranty that Sam purchased for her. Lochmondy would not even look at her Jeep when we got there, saying that it has only been a few weeks and the warranty company will most likely kick it back saying it is a pre-existing condition. We called Sam again, and he told us to take it directly to his mechanic at Rock Auto in Niles and drop it off and he would handle the warranty company or whatever came of the situation. Again, Sam gave my daughter a loaner from the lot. The result...BLOWN HEAD GASKETS! Sam fought the warranty company and they paid for everything except for a new heater core, which Sam graciously paid for himself because he did not want all new parts under the hood and then an old heater core. The bill was $4,000 worth of work. Each time we called Sam, we were nervous that he would not care or just shove us off. NOPE! Sam and Dick are great people, truly phenomenal customer service. They really did want to make this right for my daughter. Thank you Sam and Dick, from the bottom of my heart!

The Best

My family and I couldn't be happier with our experience with Murdock Car Sales. I have never, ever, EVER, met a guy who works harder FOR the customer rather than for the company than Sam. He worked with us for weeks trying to ensure that we got the best financing option, and when I say he worked, I mean it. He made it his business to make sure we got exactly what we wanted and then some. Most car dealers really only want to make a dollar but Sam @ Murdock wants his customers to drive away happy and we did! He was honest and upfront regarding EVERY aspect of our car loan and never once pressured us to sign or do anything we weren't completely comfortable doing (which anyone who buys a car knows is almost unheard of) We will buy all of our cars from Murdock's and I have told all of my family and friends about them as well. I LOOOOVE my car and we know we got the very best deal. If you want to deal with a dealer who works for you rather than for themselves, these guys are it :)

Just what I was looking for!

No Pressure experience! I had been looking for a specific used vehicle for several months, it hit the internet on a Thursday morning and by Thursday afternoon it was mine. Sam and Dick took care of everything I need done on the car before I picked it up. A great team to deal with. Easy going and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Murdock Used Cars! Thanks again Sam!


Disappointing experience. Apparently they cant work with all types of credit. Didnt receive any call back regarding the application and found out the truck was sold after several days & phone calls.

Cj, i'm very sorry you feel the way you do, but i only am profitable if i get you financed and deliver a car to you and by all means a car of your choice, the problem was as i told you on the phone, there were no companys or finance companys that would finance you for the truck you wanted with out several thousand dollars down which you did not have, at that time somebody else wanted to purchase the truck that could get financed, you were approved for a loan, just not a 16000.00 truck with very little money down. again very sorry you feel this way.

brock rohlfs

Purchasing my vehicle from here was one of the most pleasant buying experiences I've had. I wasn't pressured into buying a car that I couldn't afford. I was told up front what I could and couldn't get. I came here expecting to just look at a car and walked off with a car that I thought I would never have.

jeremy & abigail klitscher

Wonderful Prompt and Friendly service. We were given a great vehicle, for a great deal. We will definitely refer everyone we can and spread the word about this place.

karen nestle

Mike & Connie

We just purchased a vehicle from Murdock Used Cars Inc. We are totally pleased with this beautiful car and the PRICE! Sam and Dick went above and beyond helping us, very caring and concerned gentlemen. We would encourage anyone looking for a vehicle please go to Murdock's, we will be back and will inform our friends and family to do so also. Thank you Sam and Dick!


bought a used car from murdocks used car lot a few weeks back, i felt like i got a good deal on the car and its a very nice car, but here's what is the amazing part of the deal, i ask for another key and the salesman, (sam;s his name), anyway he says he does not have another key at this time i said to him that i would like to purchase another key because i really need a extra key,he looks at me and says this key will probaly cost you between 180 to 250 dollars and says i'm going to buy the key for you, you just bought a new used car and you should'nt have to buy a second key.have bought a few used cars in my time, but have never had a used car dealer care about my wants after i had already purchased the car. WOW... pretty cool place to do business with.

elke lemons

My husband and I just purchased a vehicle from Dick and Sam and I felt compelled to let everyone know how helpful, honest and overall just fantastic of a Service we received! If you ever consider of purchasing a vehicle I cannot recommend them highly enough. Have a Blessed day everyone :)

karen nestle

I was extremely pleased with my experience with Dick & Sam. We explained that we were looking for a good reasonable car for our granddaughter. Dick said he had a car we might be interested in. He took our name & number & called as promised the next morning. When we got there they were cleaning the car up both inside and out. They were very prompt with the paper work & gave us a great deal! They were very friendly and it was a very pleasant experience buying a car from them. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a good used car.

jennifer templeton

Fantastic buying experience. This is my second vehicle from Murdocks, the first being a 2003 grand am which I drove for 8 years! Outstanding customer service from Sam. Came in on Saturday, approved same day and picking the car up on Monday Very very satisfied customer. I will most definitely be sending people your way!

Wanted to thank Dick & Sam for helping us get a car for our granddaughter. It is a 2008 Kia Rio. We were looking around the lot when Dick offered to help us. He said he thought he had a great car in our price range. That was on a Friday night and he was just closing up. He called us on Sat. morning to come see it. We were extremely pleased with how helpful and friendly both he and Sam were. We bought the car that morning. We really appreciated their help. We would recommend them to everyone.

Kimberly Riffell

I have purchased several cars from Dick for my family members and I, and appreciate the candor, honesty, and integrity I have been shown. I no longer struggle to determine where to purchase a car from or find information needed to make a decision about the best choice in vehicles. This is a great place to purchase your next car.

honda cr-v

I just purchased a 2010 Honda crv from Murdock Used Cars and needed help with financing. I have never had a dealership work so hard to get me the car i wanted,I needed a statement that was very difficult to get. Sam never once got frustrated with me, just kept telling me he would figure out a way to make this happen for me and he did, i'm now the owner of a 2010 Honda that i love. Thank you Sam. If you are in need of a good used car and want to deal with a company you can trust i highly recommend Murdock Used Cars, Sam and Dick are absolutely wonderful to work with.Will always buy my cars from there from here on out. Again thank you guys so much. Sincerly, Michelle

holly rohlfs

Sam was extremely helpful. Very honest and up front with all information. Advocate for customer and not about the money but more about what is right for the customer. Very friendly. Did an excellent job explaining all the terms and conditions of the contract and service agreement. I recommend Murdock's for all car purchases. 

jessica kulcsar

Murdock used car company helped me get into a very nice vehicle very friendly, hardworking,  and professional. I would recommended everyone to buy a car from this company you will be very pleased with every aspect of buying your new car.

carla rose

i would tell everbody about sam at murdock used cars how good of a car he sold me when i came here i never thought i would get a car but he made it happen and they dont sell bad cars, it feels  good to get a car that runs  good. if ya neeed a car stop in and see them...

kelvin williams

Ii had the best buying experience just across the state line at murdock used cars. the staff was knowledgable and helpful, not only did i get a great car i got a great deal, so if your in the market for a used car murdock used cars is the only way to go period.           sincerly , kelvin williams

dave & joz

The experience of purchasing our new vehicle at Murdock's Used Auto Sales was spectacular.  Sam was very diligent at getting the sale and especially the financing completed.  His demeanor was great and very much appreciated.  Other car dealers could learn a lot from him. 

elke lemons

My husband and I just purchased a vehicle from Dick and Sam and I felt compelled to let everyone know how helpful, honest and overall just fantastic of a Service we received! If you ever consider of purchasing a vehicle I cannot recommend them highly enough. Have a Blessed day everyone :)

jonathan martin

The gentlemen at Murdock Used Cars Inc. were just that, gentlemen. They worked with us and helped us to feel comfortable and confident in our car purchase. Sam met with us after hours because we couldn't make it in before then. After we purchased the car, the check engine light came on and there were a few other things we wanted checked out. They told us to bring the car back to the dealer whenever was convenient for us and they would get it figured out as soon as possible. I dropped off the car and went to run some errands with the loaner vehicle they gave to me, and before I had even finished I got a call saying our car was ready to go. Sam even helped me transfer my groceries from the loaner car to the new one. Our experience overall has been very comfortable and happy. We fully recommend Murdock Used Cars Inc.!

Love working with Dick

We have been dealing with Dick for cars since our kids started driving. We have bought a total of 5 cars since we met Dick 10 years ago. I love that you can tell him what you want, how much you want to pay and he will find it for you and work out a good deal that you can afford. Easiest car buying experience I have ever had.

Great Deal

I want to thank Dick Murdock for helping my son purchase a vehicle. Dick helped with financing and saved my son additional money by getting him a great rate. Great job, I highly recommend Murdock Used Cars for your next vehicle purchase.

Christian Thompson

Bought my first car here, they very honest and straight forward with me. They took over a thousand off their original price and were very flexible in helping get the car I want. I was even able to get in and out of their office in an about an hour or so with all the paperwork in hand. I would recommend them to anyone.

Steven Poff

Upon contacting Sam he immediately treated us with the utmost respect. We came in because our van had no air and our children had to ride in it. he offered us a vehicle for the weekend and said he could get us in something the following Monday. Since first speaking with him he has maintained contact and greatly respected our concerns and wishes. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a vehicle in the future. Thank you

Allie Wilson

Got my first car from Murdock's! Great car with low mileage, great price! They helped me out with anything I needed and were very helpful and informative throughout the process. As a first time car buyer I didn't know much and I trusted them to make sure I got the best deal/car I could, and they delivered! Dick and Sam will work with you, treating you as an actual person instead of just a profit, like other dealerships tend to do. If you're looking for a great car that works with your budget, see these guys!

1999 buick century

Sam was very friendly and made sure I was well taken care of! This is my first time dealing with a car lot, and with how well I was treated these past couple days I don't see me going anywhere else if that time comes. I appreciate all of the hard work and time they put into helping me get a new, safe car that's in excellent shape!

keith and carlene schierling

We started buying our vehicles from Dick about ten years ago. We bought 5 cars from him through these years. He helped find safe reliable cars for our kids when they started driving. The last car we bought was a nice used Honda CRV which has been a very reliable work car. They always listen to what we want and work with us to find what we can afford. We have always been very pleased with our dealings with Dick Murdock Used Cars. Keith and Carlene Schierling

Great Place to Buy Cars

We started buying our vehicles from Dick about ten years ago. We bought 5 cars from him through these years. He helped find safe reliable cars for our kids when they started driving. The last car we bought was a nice used Honda CRV which has been a very reliable work car. They always listen to what we want and work with us to find what we can afford. We have always been very pleased with our dealings with Dick Murdock Used Cars. Keith and Carlene Schierling

robert smith


caleb's new truck

i was referred to murdocks used cars, now i know why and very glad i was referred. went there looking for a used extended cab 4-dr 4x4 truck, they did not have one in stock. told them what i wanted and how much i had to spend and they said they would get me a truck and they did just that. got me better financing and for less money than i wanted to spend. it's a beautiful truck and i love it. they did everything they told me they would do. and extremely nice to deal with. i now have a place where i will purchase all my cars and trucks at no questions ask. sam and dick you guys are the best. thank you very much.


we seen a 2006 ford ranger on murdocks web site, called sam, he answered all our questions so we went and looked at the truck and it was just as sam described it. we took it for a drive, really liked the truck. sam got us approved. our schedule is pretty crazy, very difficult for myself and husband to be here at the same time so sam worked around our schedule and got everything handled for us. he did a great job, very upfront and honest and a pleasure to work with. thanxs sam and murdock used cars.


We told sam we wanted to purchase the 2010 gmc terrian,and we already had our loan secured, now that was on a tuesday so sam let us take the terrian home with us because we would wrap everything up on wed. well, we ran into a little problem and it took us until friday to secure the loan but sam and dick had faith in us because they told us to keep the truck until we got our loan straightened, them not knowing if it would get straightened out or not, they said if ya don't have faith ya don't have nothing, what a couple great guys to deal with, WOW, we will purchase all of our cars from murdock used cars from here out thanks alot guys...

Mary Mengel

On 8/06/2015 i purchased a 2013 Toyota Corrola and traded my 2003 Buick in on trade. Sam and Dick were very easy and polite to deal with. Drove the car, liked it and they worked out a price that worked for me, did the paper work and away i went. Love my car and would recommend Murdocks used cars to any of my family and friends. Thanks guys.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mary Mengel

eugene flock

We purchased a 2007 dodge grand caravan sxt. Great van, Great guys. About 2-3 days after we purchased the van the serpintine belt started making noise, we had belt replaced and that did'nt fix the noise, we took it to our mechanic and he said the bearings in the a/c pulley were going bad and that the brake rotors should be replaced, was going to cost alot of money to fix, we called Murdock used cars exspecting the worst, Dick listened to us and then told us to get it back to the mechanic that he would call them and have them replace the a/c pump and put new brakes on it all the way around with no questions ask, did'nt even ask what it was going to cost. Never tryed to charge us a penny. I guess thats why they came very highly recommended. They told us taking care of there customers is the most important thing that they could possible do to keep getting referrals maintain there integrity. Again great guys and WOW there is a dealership that truly cares about people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sincerly, Eugene Flock                          

sundy cobett/ 2013 nissan altima

i went to other places and know one would helped me like SAM and Dick did, I am so happy with the car i got.THey WORKED so hard for me and did not give up. sundy corbett.

arron floor

just purchased a 2001 ford expidetion from sam and dick at murdocks used cars. very smooth purchase no pressure, really easy to talk with have some great conversations while the paper work was being completed. honest,trustworthy guys. will absolutely recommend people to go there. don't buy a car with out stopping by murdocks first. thanks a million guys...

Had a great experience at Murdock.  Sam and Dick were both very honest salesmen which is hard to find these days.  Anything i needed they were more than happy to accomidate.  Smooth sales transaction and friendly staff.  Would reccomend to friends.


 i purchased a impala from sam & dick and it was great expeirence. no hassle at all just really really nice guys that bent over backards to accomidate me. will buy my cars from murdock used cars for the rest of time.WOW.. wonderful people.

2013 buick verano

I just bought a 2013 Buick Verano from Dick and Sam! I cannot say thank you enough! I gave them a "list" of what I wanted and told them where I needed to be in price ranges and they made sure to get me the car I wanted in the right price range! I am so excited! I've never had more personal service or worked with guys that deliver what they promise without ANY pressure. I felt like I could change my mind at any time and they would've been just as nice! Talk about great new friends! Thank you guys, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you've done for me!!

Christy Shriver
Proud New Owner of a 2013 Buick Verano!!

Brian Keith

Bought my 2011 Yamaha Stryker  from Murdocks Used Cards. I have never had a vehicle buying expierence like I had here. They are such down to earth people, they will treat you like family. They have been here for a long time and I can see why. Thanks Dick and Sam!